Knitting in the Fall: Winter Wonderland

Coral Wonderland
Coral Wonderland

Pattern: Winter Wonderland, from Inspired to Knit: Creating Exquisite Handknits, by Michele Rose Orne.

Yarn: Beaverslide Yarn, 100% lambswool in color “coralbells.”  The yarn was recycled from Sylvi.  I just could not make Sylvi work — the back was fabulous, but all those appliqued flowers really weighed down the back panel so that it always drooped lower than the front and prevented the the neck and shoulders from sitting correctly on the body.  It will probably never happen, but if by some miracle I knit Sylvi again as a dress, I would bring the shoulder line to the front, make the collar either a mock or true turtleneck, and make the body fitted on top.

Modifications: Not that many, most of them related to sizing issues for a short woman.  The major one was picking up and knitting the set-in sleeves from the top down, which required some reworking of the lace pattern.  I also didn’t feel like making buttonholes, hence the Norwegian clasps, which were recycled from some other project.

Thoughts: Sweater coats are hard to wear, and coral is a difficult color.  And that’s why I knitted this!  🙂  What can I say — I am a process knitter, which explains why I had absolutely no problem frogging Sylvi.  Michele Rose Orne designed a beautiful coat; the only complaint I have is that the cable placement in the skirt can be problematic for those broad in the beam.  Impractical it may be, but what a show-off piece!

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