Funky Fandango Quilt

My second finished quilt:

Fandango Pig!

Pattern: It is not obvious from the picture, which shows Opie loving the back side of the quilt …  The pattern is the Funky Windows Quilt, by Carlene Westberg; I added an extra repeat to the length, for a final size of 72″ x 101″ — DH likes to keep his feet warm.

Fandango Funky Windows Quilt

Fabric: Fandango, by Kate Spain

Quilting: Machine quilted on Bella, the Gammill Longarm Optimum machine with Statler Stitcher, using edge-to-edge “Japonica” pattern.

What I learned:

Sewing is not nearly as forgiving as knitting; it’s OK to keep squaring up at the block stage and beyond 🙂

Two hours to set up on Bella — but actual stitching time … maybe an hour?

Bamboo batting is a thing of beauty!