Knitting for the Winter: Sylvi, Frost Jacket

Sylvi, by Mari Muinonen
Sylvi, by Mari Muinonen

Pattern: Sylvi, by Mari Muinonen, from Twist Collective (Winter, 2008).

Yarn: Beaverslide Yarn, 100% lambswool in color “coralbells.”

Modifications:  I didn’t want a coat, because I would never wear it, but I thought a short-sleeved tunic (with a long-sleeved shirt under) would be great for wearing inside the house in the winter, when I tend to have the temperature set around 60 degrees.

Because the yarn is lighter-weight than specified, I reworked the chart vertically so that the pattern wouldn’t be compressed.  I ended up casting on the number of stitches for the largest size; in retrospect I probably could have knitted the next size down and still have a fairly roomy sweater.  Oh well.

I also didn’t like the seed stitch background — too busy, I thought — so the background is stockinette, with borders in seed stitch.  The front is plain except for one small vine-with-flower on the lower right.

What is so great: What a terrific way to exit a room!

Frost Jacket, by Norah Gaughan
Frost Jacket, by Norah Gaughan

Pattern:  OK, so it’s no longer a jacket …  Tunic/dress modified from Frost Jacket, from Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan.

Yarn:    Three years ago I discovered the joys of Webs; this heavily-discounted Araucania yarn was among my first purchases from them.  For some reason I had decided that I would expand my color palette into pinks, after having avoided the color for the last 45 years or so …  This is the third incarnation of this particular Araucania Nature Wool yarn.  While it has held up well, it probably shouldn’t be resurrected again.

Modifications:  Araucania Nature Wool is NOT a worsted weight yarn, despite what the manufacturer proclaims.  It knits up closer to a DK yarn, so I think I knitted as though for a size L.  The sleeves came out a little tight, hence the open split at the cuff end.

What is so great:  I love fractals 🙂

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