Opie the Malabrigo Pig

Knitting in the Summer: Drops 103-14

Drops 103-14: Short Sideways Jacket

Pattern: From Garnstudio DROPS Design 103-14, knit sideways from cuff to cuff.

Yarn: Sport weight yarn from Marr Haven, in “burgundy heather.”  Looks pink to me.  It has been many projects, but I like to think this will be the final product.  MOP buttons recycled from other sweaters.

Modifications: Knitted the XXL size to account for using a sport weight yarn instead of heavy worsted/bulky weight yarn.  I added 6-stitch cables, and knitted all the cables to be symmetric in the front.  I didn’t like the garter ribbing, so picked up 1 x 1 ribbing after finishing the body.  I also made more buttonholes, and the collar is also shorter — 7.5 inches instead of 11.5 inches.

Thoughts: A pretty simple project, one which I may just wear in the fall.

Seventh Generation

Who knows what will be with the 7th generation, but I do know my personal next generation exceeds my expectations in so many ways.  I rag on her math, I rag on her (a)historic sense — but look what she gave me yesterday:

Babysitting money — to be given to her favorite charities: Cavy Care, and the humane society.  A teenager with a big heart — how unusual is that?

One Fish, Two Fish

As part of my mid-life crisis, I have decided that it is time to learn to swim.

“Relax, be flexible,” Eve the Swim Instructor tells me. “Think fish.”  I immediately began to think about sushi, Great Whites, and the yellow-slickered Gorton’s fisherman.  Then I began to wonder why swimmers don’t get motion sickness.

“I’m not planning on getting my face wet,” I informed my SI.  “I wouldn’t like to drown.”  She pondered this, then said soothingly, “I will teach you the breast stroke.”  This is progress, I thought.  Despite the 3 degrees of Walter, she will be nurturing and kind, she will not toss me in the deep end, she will not be sadistic.

Lesson 1:  We work on my flutter kick.  “Your kick, while stealthy and elegant, will not propel you forward.  I want to see a splash.”  Hmm.

Lesson 2:  “We’re going to work on rhythmic breathing: face in the water for 2 seconds, then out.  And repeat.”  Clearly she had forgotten the part about no face in the water . . . .  “You did say you wanted to do a triathlon, right?”

Oh yeah.  That was my resolution for my upcoming 49th year.

Swimming is not natural; it is, in fact, amazingly awkward.  Surrounded by water, directions lose their meaning.  Lefts and rights, ups and downs — I have no sense of my body position.  Eve tries to explain the frog kick:

“Drop your knees, feet out, slam together and glide.”  What???

“Point your feet out like Mary Poppins,” Eve instructs.

“Never saw the movie,” I said, dropping my knees and immediately sinking.  Luckily, not too much sinking can happen in three feet of water.


“Really.  I had a deprived childhood.”

This swimming thing is clearly going to be a much more complicated process than I had thought.