Wonder Dog

Yesterday we had a visit from Macaroni:

Macaroni, the bed bug beagle
Macaroni, the bedbug beagle

Never mind he is actually beagle/labrador/whippet mix …  the important thing is that Macaroni has The Nose, because for two months now, I have had the fear that we tracked bedbugs home from the YMCA of the Rockies.  Earlier in the summer we held our family reunion at the YMCA Estes Park Center, where we all stayed at the Eagle Cliff Lodge.  After we got down the mountain, I noticed the bites on my upper arm, shoulder, and neck — and yes, I know what bedbug bites look like — I am a doctor, after all . . . .  The bites took several weeks to fully resolve, and after many sleepless nights — and many loads of washing everything in sight in extra hot water — we decided to hire a bedbug dog.  Macaroni is a certified bed bug sniffer, and though his owner’s services are not cheap, what is the price of peace of mind?  The whole process took about an hour, and Macaroni says he didn’t smell any bedbugs at our house — and for his efforts, he got a couple of treats and a belly rub from The Kid.

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