Knitting in the Summer: Drops 103-14

Drops 103-14: Short Sideways Jacket

Pattern: From Garnstudio DROPS Design 103-14, knit sideways from cuff to cuff.

Yarn: Sport weight yarn from Marr Haven, in “burgundy heather.”  Looks pink to me.  It has been many projects, but I like to think this will be the final product.  MOP buttons recycled from other sweaters.

Modifications: Knitted the XXL size to account for using a sport weight yarn instead of heavy worsted/bulky weight yarn.  I added 6-stitch cables, and knitted all the cables to be symmetric in the front.  I didn’t like the garter ribbing, so picked up 1 x 1 ribbing after finishing the body.  I also made more buttonholes, and the collar is also shorter — 7.5 inches instead of 11.5 inches.

Thoughts: A pretty simple project, one which I may just wear in the fall.

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