Fearless Bunny

He sits there, chewing thoughtfully on my flowers; he has a special liking for the hyacinths, but just the tips of the leaves.  We let the vizslas next door come over — not that we want them to kill him, we just want to put some fear in him.  He leaps across the lawn and the rocks, and is out like a shot through a gap in the fence.  He never slows down, he is so familiar with our yard.

Today I bought jalapeño and serrano peppers, dragged out the Cuisinart, and made a rabbit repellent spray for my plants.  The guy at the nursery had suggested habanero peppers, but I was afraid of hurting myself during the preparation.  The concoction is very green and toxic-looking, and if I were a rabbit, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it.  But then, I don’t suppose rabbits are high IQ rodents on the order of, say, New York City sewer rats.  Unfortunately, here we are in May, and it is cold and grey with rain turning to snow as I look out the window, so my rabbit experiment will have to wait.  In the meantime, I wander over and look at my concoction, and think evil thoughts.

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