The Girls

This week we are critter-sitting:

And this fur ball:

Yes, she really does like being upside down . . .

And of course,

. . .  who doesn’t understand why anyone would want to be upside down!


CSA Share Week 24:  kohlrabi, leeks, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, turnip, parsnip, parsley (gave away), napa cabbage (gave away), collard greens, butternut squash, mini spaghetti squash, eggs

Recipes:  Greek stuffing, roasted vegetables (potatoes, carrots, turnip, parsnip, kohlrabi, butternut squash, acorn squash), Three Sisters Stew (butternut squash, onion, leeks, kidney beans, corn, carrots, kale)



I rarely click on the “Freshly Pressed” featured blogs — but today, I did, on an entry from Tom Vander Well’s Wayfarer blog.  He is a stranger to me,  but I loved catching a glimpse of his teenage-hood, perhaps because sometime during college, I destroyed most of the tangible evidence of my own teen years.  What interested me more than his pictures were the changes in his signature, from a serviceable, nondescript scrawl to one with swoops and flourish …  I wonder if his signature evolved any more after high school.

So I wondered about my own writing.  And because we live in the age of Google, I found this website offering handwriting analysis by a certified graphologist.  You see, I wondered about my cursive “y” that did not loop …  And sure enough, she had a short blurb on “y” without a loop: a “y” formed with a straight line down shows independence!  I am charmed by that interpretation.  My “y” has gone through many changes over the years: the classic, neatly formed loopy y (I was, after all, the class secretary in 4th grade); in junior high, the y with no loop but an aggressive slash of side tail; in high school, back to the y with a loop, but a very skinny, attenuated loop.  The loop-less y I now have evolved during my medical school/residency years, I think as a result of the gradual deterioration of handwriting that all physicians undergo as a rite of passage.

Now I wonder whether it is just a coincidence that I have had basically the same hairstyle since residency?