Knitted in the Winter: Lemongrass, Kaellingesjal 1897

We are having a much-needed spring snow storm, so obviously it is the perfect day for modeling knitwear, right?

After I made Wingspan, I still had thousands of yards of the recycled yarn.  So I made another shawl:IMG_2447

IMG_2450Pattern:  Kaellingesjal 1897a Danish work shawl recreated by Mette Rørbech.

Yarn:  Recycled Reynolds yarn from the 1980s, in jewel-toned colors.  I still have enough yarn to make yet another shawl . . .

Modifications:  I made the lace points (on either side of the central spine) symmetrical, and knitted-on the upper lace band.  This made life much simpler 🙂

Thoughts:  I applaud Mette Rørbech for recreating this lovely (and practical) shawl, and generously making it available to the Ravelry community.  I rather miscalculated how many points I needed — I have this problem where I think I am bigger than I actually am — so the shawl is big.  Really big.  The tail is so long that I tie a bow in the back when I am wearing the shawl.

IMG_2456Pattern:  Lemongrass, by Joji Locatelli.

Yarn:  A purple Karabella Yarns Soft Tweed yarn, recycled from the Sunrise Circle Jacket by Kate Gilbert.  I knitted that jacket years ago (along with hundreds of other knitters) because it was gorgeous and had unique construction.  But that same unique construction made it difficult to adjust the size, so the jacket was always too big and I never wore it.  The yarn itself is beautiful and soft, but will not recycle again because of its loose ply.

Modifications:  I made the back longer than the front because I had this idea that I would wear the sweater while cycling . . . .  I haven’t yet, but it may happen.  I also put in two buttons on each side instead of one — I think it makes for neater sides.

Thoughts:  I love this sweater; it is soft and cozy, and casually slouchy without being sloppy.  About the only thing I would change, were I to knit this again, is make the circumference of the sleeve cuffs smaller.


Knitting for the Fall: Wingspan

About 25 years ago, I knitted a multicolored jewel-toned sweater for DH (this was the 1980s, and Bill Cosby was popularizing really colorful men’s sweaters on The Cosby Show).  I think the pattern was from Calvin Klein, and used DK-weight Reynolds yarn held double.  It was my first time knitting a sweater from sleeve to sleeve: the entire pullover was made up of vertical cable panels, each one a different pattern.  Anyway, DH never wore the sweater because it was too small, although a school friend of mine borrowed it once to wear on a date — and it looked great on her 🙂

Fast forward to last summer, when I dug the sweater out of the “couldn’t bear to part with it” pile and painstakingly took it apart, separating all the doubled strands with The Teenager’s help.  A week ago, I found “Wingspan” — and all its variations — on Ravelry:

The Jewel Wingspan

Pattern:  “Wingspan,” by Maylin of Tri’Coterie Designs, lace variation by Helena Forde.  A wonderful example of a complex-looking pattern that is actually a cinch to knit.  I had no problems with Helena Forde’s pattern, probably because I ignored the lace charts and just followed her written instructions.

Yarn:  DK weight wool/acrylic blend yarn from Reynolds.  I bought the yarn from Nancy Bush’s yarn shop in Salt Lake City, The Wooly West, sadly no longer in business.

Modifications:  I used a different lace pattern in one of the panels, knitted 9 big triangles instead of 8, and used a DK instead of fingering weight yarn.

Thoughts:  Loved the pattern — and I am not a shawl/wrap/scarf -knitting kind of person 🙂  I love being able to reuse all the jewel-toned yarn now in the stash.  It is such a great pattern that I may break the unwritten rule of not knitting anything twice . . .  I am wearing it right now as I type — it is a late summer morning, and I can finally feel the autumn briskness in the air.


CSA Share Week 13:  spinach, collard greens, green onions (gave away), zucchini (gave away), yellow squash, carrots, cucumber (gave away), parsley (gave away), green leaf lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, sweet peppers, corn (gave away), eggs

Recipes:  greens and tomatoes with cumin, roasted carrots/potatoes/squash, creamy tomato pasta sauce, spinach with garlic and raisins

CSA Share Week 12:  spinach, radishes (gave away), green onions, zucchini (gave away), cucumber, yellow squash, carrots, eggplant (gave away), heirloom tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, sweet peppers, jalapeño peppers, corn, Romaine lettuce, eggs

Recipes:  Awendaw bread (from Greene on Greens), roasted carrots, tater tomater pie (from Greene on Greens), roasted fingerling potatoes with spinach/parsley/oregano pesto