Bits of Happiness

Finding bits of happiness along the bike trail:

fish rock

A cunning fish!

art in public places1

art in public places2

art installation1

Vandalism . . .

art installation2

. . .  and Art Installation

art installation3

. . . of Found Objects

I would have liked to have known who was responsible for The Shed!  It was boarded up — and presumably all the found objects inside it was removed — within the week.  The Shed is along the railroads, in an area used by the homeless as “hang out” spot.

To Be Grateful

A morning bike ride along our not-so-mighty but very scenic river, and this:



One of the privileges of being a stoker on the tandem is that I can look around and enjoy the scenery, or on this particular day, look down.  A little girl in Arizona with Ewing’s sarcoma, a distillation of hope and courage in a small painted rock.  I brought it home, and as I was meant to do, I took a picture.  As I was also meant to do but didn’t, I did not post the picture (I am not on social media) not did I hide the rock again.  It is on its way to a dear friend in Texas who knows a thing or two about battling cancer.  She assures me the rock will continue its journey, and a little girl will too.