“Artisan Village”

A Christmas Day run, then a Christmas Day walk, and my favorite farms:

The Jessup Farm House

The Jessup Farm

Jessup Farm, main house

Jessup Farm, main house


chicken coop

Equipment building

Equipment building


loafing shed



The developers are also responsible for the Bucking Horse “townhomes community,” built around my favorite bank barn:

Johnson Farm

Johnson Farm

Johnson Farm bank barn

Johnson Farm bank barn

The complex is currently known as the “Bucking Horse Urban Estate / Johnson Farm Innovation Campus.  Really.  The developers have grand plans for the Jessup Farm – Johnson Farm: it’s all about healthy and sustainable living, with produce/herb gardens, farm to fork restaurant, yoga studio, bike shop, wine cave, cheesery, bakery . . . .  Meanwhile (two years and waiting), the buildings are still deteriorating, but hey, the Jessup Farm Artisan Village has a concrete parking lot!  And, the Bucking Horse townhouses are going up at a pretty rapid clip:

Craftsman Bungalow townhomes!

Oh look, Craftsman Bungalow townhouses!

. . . .  with fake side-swing garage doors!

. . . . with fake side-swing garage doors!

Well.  Ummm . . . .  wow?


Abandoned Farm and New Urbanism

Abandoned farm

The Joseph and Mary Jessup Farm

Joseph and Mary Jessup Farm in mid-1990s

Abandoned farmhouse, built ~1890

Joseph and Mary Jessup farmhouse, built ~1890

Joseph and Mary Jessup farmhouse in mid-1990s

Once upon a time, this farm and the farm with the bank barn were owned by the same extended family.  The owners finally moved out in the previous decade, but in the summer they still kept two horses in the fenced pasture.  The Kid, who was very young then, would point and say, “Hish! Hish!” when we drove by.  She no longer remembers doing so . . . .  and of course, the horses have been gone for many years.  The house, the storage sheds, the chicken coop, the barn, even the little dog house, continue to wait.  And across the derelict fields, SideHill.

New Urbanism: SideHill, April 2009

View from the Joseph Jessup Farm: New Urbanism: SideHill, April 2009