Knitting in the Fall: Carbeth


Pattern:  Carbeth, by Kate Davies.  A succinct pattern — I just know if the Brooklyn Tweed folks got hold of this, the instructions would be 10 pages long.  I also like the name of the pattern: I think the “peaks” from the shaping reflect the roof lines of the Carbeth huts.

Yarn:  Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in “Cookie’s Deep Dark Secret.”  My first and last experience with Lorna’s Laces; I love the gorgeous color (despite obvious shade differences between individual skeins), but I absolutely hated working with this yarn.  Something about the superwash process turned the fiber into a slippery lifeless mess and made the whole knitting experience excruciating.  Good thing the sweater was such a quick knit, life is too short to fight yarn.

Modifications:  I used the 4th size as template to approximate the amount of ease I wanted (~ 4 inches), adjusted for gauge, and added about an inch to the bottom back via short rows.  The sweater was cropped before blocking, but it is now a couple of inches longer as well as closer to +6 inches ease.  I suspect it will probably keep growing with wear.  One good thing about this yarn: it is so drapey that it is not obvious how large the sweater is now through bust and underarm.

Carbeth.2 (2)


Thoughts (or how I arrived late to the Carbeth party):  Many years ago, I took offense at something Kate Davies wrote in her blog.  I decided life was too short to keep reading, and that there were certainly enough talented designers out there that I need not buy her patterns.  So, that is why I did not know about Carbeth until a few weeks ago.  I also did not know anything about the BIPOC/POC movement in the fiber world until a few weeks ago, and it was reading about that issue that led me back to Kate Davies.

I don’t like bullying.  I don’t like self-abasement (this particular apology comes to mind).  Witch hunters (and people with bad grammar) will never speak for me.

I read about the hunting of Kate Davies, and I decided to knit Carbeth.  She will never know about my previous personal boycott, just as she will never know about my current small bit of support.  It is enough that I know.

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