Travel Diary: Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Strasburg

July 27 Saturday

It rained hard this morning but we walked over to the castle of [Chillon] and saw where [Bonivard] was confined and where they hung the prisoners and pushed their corpses into the lake and also where the prisoners were made to walk down three steps and then fell down to the bottom of a steep hole where knives were fixed.

Took the tramway to the steamer to Geneva.  Arrived at Geneva about half past two.  Went to the [] store and walked about some.

July 28 Sunday

Wrote letters this morning and in the afternoon took a drive.  Saw the Russian Church

Vue de l’eglise russe et des toits de Geneve, 2008. Image by Dragunsk Usf, from Wikimedia Commons.

and went inside it is not a bit like other churches.  Drove out by the handsome homes but they are hidden in trees so could not see them.

July 29 Monday

Left Geneva 12 oclock and took cars to Lausanne where we changed and passed by [Neuchâtel] and along the lake.  We had the last view of Jungfrau and the Bernese Alps.  We arrived at Basle about half past eight.  Went through 21 tunnels.

July 30 Tuesday

Drove about Basle and went to the Cathedral.  There are some very pleasant residences.  The Cathedral has the ugliest roof I ever saw.  It looks like oil cloths and the carvings over the door are awful.

Basel Minster, c. 1890. Courtesy of Swiss National Library nbdig-18118.

Took the train to Appenweir where we changed for Strasburg.  On the way to Appenweir saw some storks on the roof of a church.  Arrived at Strasburg about half past two.  Took a drive about the town and went to St. Thomas Church where we saw the tomb of Marshal Saxe.  Then drove to the Cathedral which was built in 1015-1439 and saw the old clock which is very intersting.  In the cathedral there are some very fine old stained glass windows and an old pulpit which has carved on it the family of the sculptor and their little dog.  We saw the clock strike three.  First a little angel turns an hourglass ([]) then a skeleton strikes the hour and an old man walks out.  When it strikes twelve the apostles walk around.  It also has the signs of the zodiac, the moons and other things on it.  Then drove to the new place and went throug it.  It is very handsome.  Left for Baden Baden about 6.30 oclock and changed at Appenweir and [] and arrived about half past eight.

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