Travel Diary: Grindelwald, Bern

July 19

Staid over night and in the morning took the boat to the end of the lake and there the cars to Interlaken.  In the afternoon took a drive to Lauterbrunnen and saw two falls but they were not as nice as Giesbach.  One was quite interesting the water comes out of the rock with great force through the place it has worn in the rock.

July 20 Saturday

It rained early this morning but cleared soon and Mr, Miss Ireland and Miss Forsyth and Papa, Mamma and I went to Grindelwald.  We had a nice carriage with three horses and the road ran through a valley and then went over part of a [].  The cenery was beautiful, the nicest we have seen.  We reached Grindelwald about 1 oclock and had dinner.  Then all took horses and rode up to the lower glacier which is just as high as the upper.  The path went right over rocks and stones and wound around until finally we reached a little house where we left the horses and walked a little way to the glacier.  The ice is piled up between two mountains and people have cut a grotto 30 feet into the ice.  We went in and there is the corner sat a weird little woman praying on a kind of [] and singing ” ”  Mamma said she had never believed in witches before but now she had seen one.  She did look as I should think a witch would and with the queer place she was in made it very weird.

Glacier and Baregg Inn, Grindelwald, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland, c. 1890-1900. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Digital ID ppmsc.07021
Grindelwald Grotto, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland, c. 1890-1900. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Digital ID ppmsc.07021

From the glacier we could see the Fiescherhorn all covered with snow and looking down the valley all in summer green the sight was very grand.  Where we were it was like winter all snow and ice and down in the valley it was summer.  Mr. Ireland and I walked down the mountain and so did the young ladies.  Miss Ireland said coming up she wished we could have a picture of the party on horseback and I wish we could.

We had a delightful drive back and as the sun went down it tinged the snow-covered mountain with pink and as it grew darker one star came out over the center of the Jungfrau.  This is the most delightful day we have spent.  On the way back bought a little swiss chalet from a little girl on the road and shall keep it as a memento of the day.

July 21 Sunday

Left Interlaken this morning and drove to Berne.  We had a very pleasant drive and stopped at Thun for dinner.  We reached Berne about half past four and then took a walk about the town.  It is one of the queerest we have been in.  The houses are built with an arcade under them where the side walk runs.  There are fountains in the center of the street some of them very old and people come out to wash their clothes in the middle of the street.  The cellar doors are in the street built up a foot or two and go right down under the street.  Went to where they keep some live bears because the city means bear.  There are six of them.  Then walked back and saw the clock tower and saw the clock strike six.  First a cock crows then a racession of bears come out and march in front of the king a jester pulls some ropes and strikes the [] the the man in the lower strikes the hour and at every stroke one of the bears nods his head, then the cock crows again and the performance is over.

Clock Tower of Bern, c. 1890-1905 Library of Congress Prints and Photograph Division, Digital ID ppmsc.06808

July 22 Monday

Took a drive this morning a saw the cathedral and I bought two carved bears for a [] [].  Left on the 9.35 train for Geneva.  Arrived about 2.

July 23 Tuesday

It rained this morning but we went out around the shops and mamma bought me a sealskin cape, muff and cap.  Spent the afternoon in looking about the shops.  In the evening it cleared and there was a very fine exibition of fire works.

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