Travel Diary: Italian Lakes

Friday June 28

We intended to go to the lakes this afternoon but John and Uncle Sam came so we staid.

Saturday June 29

Left this morning for the lakes.  Took the train to the foot of Lake Maggorie and then took the boat up the lake to Bavino arrived there about 12.10.  The lake is very pretty and reminded me of Lake George only the mountains are higher and the lake is prettier.  In the afternoon took a long drive to a little lake called Orta.  The cenery very pretty.  When we got to the lake took a little row boat and went to a little island in the lake where there is a little old church and a school for boys taught by priests.

Isola San Giulio, Lake Orta. Painting by Sir Edward John Poynter, 1898. Image from

In the church there is an old pulpit of the fourth century.  Staid over night at Bavano.

Vegetation on Lakes Figs, olives, mulberry

Sunday June 30

Spent the morning at Bavino and started on about twelve oclock.  Took boat up the lake to Polizzo and took a narrow gage railway to Lake Lugano.  The railway ran through some of the wildest country I ever we through on a railroad.  We followed the course of a little stream which is very pretty.  Then we took a steam boat up Lake Lungano.  It is the most beautiful of the lakes.  The mountains come right down to the water and some of the mountains are [] almost to the top.  Some of the houses are built on the edge of precipice and away up the mountains where I don’t see how the people get to them.  Little chapels are built on the top of mountains too.  Got off at the end of the lake and took train to Maggiore Lake Como.

Lugano from Massagno, Tessin, Switzerland. Published by Detroit Publishing Co., 1905, Print No. 6696. Photograph c. 1890-1900. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, ID ppmsc.07802

Monday July 1

Staid at Maggio over night and the next morning Uncle Samuel and I took a walk up the mountain back of the hotel and went through a silk factory where they gave me a pretty piece of silk not woven or dyed.  The walk up was very pretty and we went farther up the mountain and had a very nice view.  Took the boat to Como in the afternoon and had a very pleasant sail down the lake.  Took train at Como and came back to Milan.

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