Travel Diary: On to Milan

Sunday June 23

Started early this morning for Milan.  We stopped over night at Aix la Bains

Thermal Baths Place, Aix-les-Bains, c. 1890-1900. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Digital ID ppmsc.04914

and get to Milan tomorrow evening.  A little while after leaving Dijon were delayed about 1 hour because there was a mountain torrent running over the track.  We finally got started again and went through the water up to the first step of the car.  Arrived at Aix la Bain about 11 oclock when we ought to have arrived a 8.40.  Stopped at Grand Bergues Hotel which is very clean and nice.

Monday June 24

Left at 7 oclock for Milan beautiful cenery all the way to Turin.  The mountains are beautiful with lovely little silver streams coming down the sides and making waterfalls.  Some of the mountains had snow on the top.  We went through the Mont Cenis Tunnel which is about 8 miles long and took us about 30 minutes to go through it.  Arrived at Milan about quarter of six and are stopping at the Contentias Hotel which we like very much.

Tuesday June 25

Went to the Reflectory to see Reonarda DeVinci’s “Last Supper” which is a fresco on the wall.  But it so banged up that you can’t tell much about it and there were some copies near it that you could get a much better idea from than the original.  One copy is very good.  Then we drove to the Arch of Peace which was built by Napolion and is very handsome.  Went to the cathedral which is beautiful.

Duomo di Milano, photographer Roberto Rive (18? – 1889). From Wikimedia Commons.

Went into a room and saw some thing to hold relics, priest’s robes and such.  Went down to the cript and tomb of Saint Calo Borromeo the room where the tomb is is finished in solid silver representing the cenes in the life of the Saint.  The karcophagus is of solid silver with bas relif and is very handsome.  They worked the coffin up and we saw through the glass and saw the saint’s body.  It is dressed in embordered clothes embordered with gold and on his head a cap all gold and jewel.  There are a great many jewels in the coffin and a beautiful cloak made of emeralds and diamonds given by Marie Teresie.  The emeralds are the largest I ever saw.

In the afternoon walked in the arcade which is very handsome and a great many pretty stores in it.  Bought some things.  Attended part of the service at the Cathedral.  It was very queer.

Wednesday June 26

Went to Art Gallery and saw Raphels Marriage of “Joseph and Mary,” a very good picture of Abraham sending Hagar wife and boy to the wilderness and many others.

Thursday June 27

Rained this morning and [] I took a walk went into Cathedral — Papa went to an [] Asylum.  Took walk afternoon and bought dress for me.  Wish Uncle Sam and John would come, I am getting very tired of this place.

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