Travel Diary: Miss Mary at the Paris Exposition, 1889

June 22 Saturday

Went to the Exibition this morning and went to the American exibit and Papa and Mama bought a very pretty lamp for Madamislle which she likes very much.  Then went to the exibit of paintings and saw one beautiful one of Bougerau pictures.  It is the Virgin with Christ in her arms and cherubs around.  The cherubs are painted splendidly and the picture is one of the most lovely I ever saw.  We also saw one of Rosa Bonnehes, cattle ploughing.

Ploughing in Nevers, 1849. Painting by Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899). Musee de Orsay.

Packed all afternoon.  In the evening went to the exibition again.  Miss Baker came to dinner.  The exibition grounds were all lighted up and when we got there a great many people were standing on the bridge over the Seine and waiting for something.  We had just got to the Eifel tower when there was a shout of “Carnot” and a carriage drove by but I could not see the president there was such a crowd.  Just after the carriage passed there was a noise like a cannon and the Eifel tower was all alumeted by burning red lights.  It looked as if it was all on fire and [] smoke coming out the top like a volcano.  They allumeted twice and each time it was beautiful.

After this they set off the electric fountain.  There are lots of little fountains near it and when they set off the big one the little ones played too.  The color of the fountain changed and the [] would be another color from the top then the little fountain would be alternately the colors of the large one.  There was blue and green, gold, silver, yellow, pink, [] and orange.  Some times the [] would be all the colors of the rainbow and the top one color.  The main building was all lighted and F. R. over the door in fire.  The light on the Eifel Tower would change and some times it would shine on the figure on top of the building and make it look like gold.  One of the buildings was lighted with red and green lights and another had a flag with red, white and blue stripes in fire, with a large globe all lighted inside and a figure standing on it with a lighted torch in each hand.  The Trockedaro had two lines of lights around it.  On every step of the cascade was a line of lights and a great many vases all around the cascade with a large bouquet of lights in each.

La Tour Eiffel et le Palais du Trocadero, 1889. From the Henry Clay Cochrane Collection, USMC Archives, Quantico.

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