Travel Diary: Miss Mary in Paris

Saturday June 15

Went to Notre Dame which is very handsome and went around inside.  There are beautiful rose windows.  Went through the treasury saw coronation robe of a bishop that was shot in the comune with many other things.

Georges Darboy (1813-1871), Archbishop of Paris, executed by communards during the 1871 Paris Commune. Image courtesy of Bibliotheque nationale de France.

After lunch went to Saint Shappel which is beautiful also Palace of Justice.

pugin's La Sainte-Chapelle
La Sainte-Chapelle, Paris. Engraving by A. W. N. Pugin. Image from

Then to the site of the Bastile and saw the Colom of July.  Then to the Pere La Chaise where we saw the tombs of Héloïse and Abélard, Rachel and the Rothschilds.  Then drove to Buttes Chaumont which is a very beautiful park and then drove to Parc de [] another pretty park.

Sunday June 16

Spent the morning in the house.  Papa and Mama went to church.  In the afternoon went to Fountenblou and went through the palace which is very interesting.  We saw the first looking glass ever brought to France which was given to the government by the Venitian government.  We also saw the rooms that Pope Pius 13  was imprisoned in and in one of them there is some beautiful Goblin tapestry, some of the finest in the world.  Then we took a drive in the forest which is beautiful.

Monday June 17

I staid in the house in the morning and in the afternoon took a drive to the Garden D’Acclimatation and saw a great many queer animals, fishes and birds.  And then drove out through the Bois de Bologne which is beautiful.

Tuesday June 18

Went shopping in the morning and in afternoon went to the Hotel des Invalides and saw tomb of Napolian which is very impressive.  We did not go down in the cript as we had no order.  Then went through the picture gallery of the Luxembourg and saw some very nice pictures.  Then we went through the garden which are very pretty and there is one lovely fountain in it.  Then we drove to the Pantheon but it had just closed.  Then we went to the Hotel Cluny where we saw all kinds of old things.  We saw one old chess board made by the Germans about the 16th century of glass and glass men which is very queer.  We also saw some very old earrings, the bed of Francis first and the rooms of le rein blanche and chapel connected with it.  Where the widow of the king would dress herself all in white and come here and mourn.  We also saw some of the ruins of the very old part that the monks built on the old Roman foundations.

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