Travel Diary: Shopping in Paris

June 10 Monday

Came to Paris today and are stopping at the Hotel du Helder where we have the best meals I ever ate.

Tuesday June 11

Spent the day looking for lodgings the hotel du Helder too expensive.  Found a boarding house near the Arch de Triumph and came here today.

Wednesday June 12

Went to the Bon Marchet and Mama bought 3 dresses.  Uncle Sam and John came to dinner.

Thursday June 13

Uncle Sam and John went south today.  Went to the Lovre and saw a few of the famous pictures.  Bought a dress for me.

Friday June 14

Went first to Madeline which is very beautiful.  Spent the morning in the Louvre and Palace Royale and bought a pink silk dress for me.  In the afternoon went to the Exebition.  We went to where the fishes are in a very pretty grotto which was very interesting and then walked to the large building.  Were near the entrance we saw some beautiful Goblin tapestry which looks like paintings.  Then we went into the jewelry department and saw some beautiful things.  I bought two pins for the girls.  Then we went and saw the exibit of bronzes which is very nice from there we went to the Turkish part and saw a Mussleman calling the hour of prayer from a mosque.  Then we went to the Russian exibit which is beautiful and Mama bought six spoons.  From here to the American which I am sorry to say is not very good.  The grounds of the Exibition are beautiful there are three large buildings one at the end and one on each side.  We only went through the large end one which is very handsome.  There are some lovely small fountains on the grounds and one very handsome large one in front of the principle building.  It is France represented in a boat with many figures around her and the water all around the boat with a dolphin at each corner spouting.

Eiffel Tower and illuminated fountain, Exposition Universelle 1889. From Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Photochrom Prints Collection.

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