Travel Diary: Miss Mary in London!

I think Mary C. Andrews was a teenager.    And what was this fascination with Amy Robsart?!  127 years later, the London itinerary for the average visitor to the city has not changed at all.  

June 6 Thursday

Came to London this morning and this afternoon took a ride on the Strand and went to St. Pauls Church.

June 7 Friday

Went to the tower of London this morning and saw where the princes bone were found but they would not let us go where they were murdered because it is a private house.  We went to the old chapel where the kings and queens used to be crowned and saw the crown jewels which all together all worth 3 million pounds.  We also went through the old banqueting hall which is filled with armour and weapons and the council chambers which are also filled with armour and weapons.  We saw the armour of the Lord of Leister husband to Amy Robsart.  Beauchamp tower where the prisoners were confined and they have carved inscriptions all over the walls some of which are very curious. n Near here is the house where Lady Jane Gray was confined.  Then we went to Westminster Abby and went all through it and saw the old Chapter house where the first parliament met, the poets corner and the tombs of the kings and Queens among which are Mary Queen of Scots, Mary and William, Elizabeth and her sister Mary and the tomb of Edward the Confessor which is very old.  We also saw the chair where the queen was crowned and under the seat, a stone where the Scotish kings were crowned and which is also very old.

June 8 Saturday

Went shopping this morning and got a waterproof and two silver bangles.  Then we went through the National Picture Gallery and saw a great many pictures of the Virgin and the infant Christ.  The one we liked best was by Murillo.  We saw a great many pictures by famous artists which I cannot remember.  Then we had lunch and I bought a pin.  Then we went to the British Museum and saw some Egyptian mummys.

June 9 Sunday

Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament, c. late 1890s

This morning took a boat on the Thames and went down to London Bridge and then went up to Chelsea where we saw the house that Carlyle lived in.  Then we took a boat there and went to Kew Gardens.  The gardens are very pretty and very interesting.  We went into two fun houses, an orchid house and some other queer houses.  Then we came back on the top of a stage and stopped at Winsor Castle Inn and changed horse and it seemed very old fashioned.  We passed the Albert Memorial, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace (where the queen was born) and park and Green Park which has the Buckingham Palace behind it.  We had a very pleasant drive.

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