Travel Diary: Miss Mary in Oxford

Miss Mary had atrocious spelling (here on out, just assume misspelled words are NOT typos) and perhaps even worse grammar.  OTOH, this is clearly a young girl (probably a teenager) visiting Europe for the first time, and I don’t think she had the maturity or the vocabulary to appreciate and describe her new experiences. 

June 5 Wednesday

Came to Oxford and are stopping at the Randolph Hotel.  Before lunch we got a gide and went and saw the Monument erected in memory of the martyrs where burnt at the stake and the place they were buried.  Then we went to Trinity College there to the hall where they confer the degrees.  Then we went to the Bodleian Library.  We saw some very old books and some lovely models of buildings.  One of Temple of Minerva, of Temple at Jerusalem, one of a colliseum.

After lunch we went to some college buildings among which were Christ’s College and the Chapel where we went to part of the service.  We saw a beautiful walk all over hung with trees.  We went to Magdeline College which is the most beautiful and attended service in the chapel where there was some fine singing.  We saw the place on the corner of the College and went on Addison’s Walk which is perfectly beautiful.  All over hung by trees and a little stream runs along by it.  We also saw where Amy Robsart was buried in St. Marys Church.

Amy Robsart, painting by William Frederick Yeames, 1876. Amy Robsart (1532-60) was the (inconvenient) first wife of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. The servants found her dead at the bottom of the staircase . . . .

There are 21 colleges in Oxford.  We also saw University Brasenose College, University Church, Jesus College, Oriel College, Old Grey Walk and old school or prison where martyrs were confined.

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