Miss Mary Crosses the Atlantic and Goes to Chester

Transcript of Mary C. Andrews’ travel diary, May 26 – June 2, 1889.  She left New York on May 25 and landed in Liverpool on June 1-2.  It seemed to have been an uneventful crossing, though I do wish she had described shipboard life!  Although sorely tempted, I have resisted the urge to correct her punctuation and spelling.

May 26 Sunday

It is smooth today but this afternoon it rained.

May 27 Monday

It is lovely and smooth today and I received a letter and a very pretty pad of paper from Mary.  Saw steamer of other Line.

May 28 Tuesday

We are in a fog this morning and the fog whistle blows about every five minutes.  The sun is shining and it is pleasant and smooth altho it is so foggy.  One of the officials said that we met some fishing boats last night or this morning.  I should think it was very far out for them to go.  The fog has gone now — I saw a steamer.

May 29 Wednesday

This morning met Umbria and we signalled to her.  This evening we saw a steamer and she signalled with color lights.  It looked very pretty.

RMS Umbria, sister ship of RMS Etruria

30 Thursday

We saw steamer [ ] of Spain of National line very close to —

31 Friday

On board boat.  Rocks a good deal.  Finished our letters for Queenstown.

1 June Saturday

Got to Queenstown about nine oclock [sic] and saw passengers land.  Coast of Ireland looked lovely as far as we could see it for it rained very hard until evening.  It was very rough in the channel and some said it was the roughest weather they had ever seen in the channel unless it was in winter and they did not know as they had ever seen it so rough.

June 2 Sunday

Got to Liverpool late last night or early this morning and landed about eight oclock.  We had to be taken off in a small boat and there was a perfect jam of people.  It rained hard this morning — We took the ferry boat across the channel to Birkenhead (a suburb of Liverpool) and went to an old fashioned hotel with a nice lawn on the side of it.  When we went to the door they asked Papa who we were and Papa said we were travelers and then they asked where we were from, Papa said America.  It seemed that there is a law that they shall entertain no one within three miles of the hotel on Sunday.  We had a very nice dinner and then took the train for Chester.

We had a lovely ride to this place (Chester) and are going to cathedral this evening.  We attended part of the service at the Cathedral, which was built [ ] in the twelfth century.  It is very old looking and impressive.  When the choir sung it sounded very sweet.  Then we took a walk on the walls and saw the Phoenix tower and an old canal with very queer long boat on it.  We saw the [ ] tower also.  The remains of a Roman bath are a very little way from the walls and we could see them.  They were nothing but some old stones set upright in the ground, very close together.  We took a train way over Grovenor [sic] Bridge, past Eaton Hall into Wales.  It is very pretty on the road.  We are stopping at the Grovenor [sic] Hotel.  The name of the hotel at Birkenhead is the Woodside.

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