Knitting for the Winter: Miss Marple

The television Miss Marple is my style icon; in particular, I love Geraldine McEwan’s version.  Her Miss Marple is just slightly off-kilter, with that bit of a mad gleam in her eyes.  And of course I love her goofy hats, and her genteel but well-worn 1930s clothes.  This knitted coat is one of my favorites, and I found the free pattern for it  here, courtesy of Bex at Subversive Femme.

Miss Marple.2

Pattern:  Swagger Coat by Corticelli, mid-1930s

Yarn:  Worsted weight merino/mohair blend yarn from Beaverslide Dry Goods, in the color chokecherry (I think).  I recyled this yarn from a pullover I knitted about 10 years ago.

Modifications:  This is actually the second version; I got through the entire first coat and realized I couldn’t live with the fit through the shoulders.  So …  I reknitted the whole thing with the following modifications:  I changed the 7-1 pattern repeat to 6-1 so the vertical “stripes” became thinner, which also compensated for the fatter yarn I used; I did some shaping to give the coat a slight A-line; I don’t like garter bands, so I used double seed stitch instead;  I also did not like the way the patch pockets looked, so I placed them lower and just knitted them on in the same direction as the body pattern.

Thoughts:  This was a very simple knit, and as such, the directions were very simple.  I just know that if this sweater were designed today, the directions would take up five pages instead of one and be excruciatingly detailed for no good reason, and the coat would have a stupid name attached to it.   There were errors in the original pattern, which did not surprise me, but the errors were really obvious so were easy to spot and easy to correct.

I think this is a very stylish coat.  I love the crossover tab closure, I love the big buttons, I love the functional pockets.  And of course, Miss Marple would instantly recognize this even if it is not quite the 1930s colour palette.