The Perfect Point

About a year ago, I started making the Swoon Quilt, by Camille Roskelley.  Yes, I know, I was late to the party.  For a few weeks I chugged along, sewing each block with scraps from all the quilts I have ever made in my short quilting life.  Then I lost my sewing mojo as the house buying and house moving and house selling stuff just went on and on . . . .  I had only one block left to do, and I finally got around to it after a 3 months hiatus.  I LOVED my fabric choices for that last block!  And then I discovered that somehow, my bare-quarter-inch seam had shifted, and that last block was about a quarter-inch off on all sides.  Sigh.  This is by way of explaining why the finished quilt has extra patches in the background color, because of course I had to stick to the “scraps only” rule, and wouldn’t you know I had no more Moda “snow” left, and I had to fuss with not just the last block, but adjacent blocks too.  Anyway.  I did finish, though, and I love my Swoon, fixes and all:


As a result of Swoon, I had even more triangles than I had before.  Then I found the Mod GeoCruiser quilt by Kelli Fannin (read about her inspiration here).  I had been wanting to do a bicycle-themed quilt for DH, and even though this is a cruiser bike (and a girly one at that), and he is a road bike fanatic, I thought it was a fun design that he would like.  It also helps that he is the most un-macho man I know 🙂  So this is the quilt top:

Mod Geo Cruiser
Mod GeoCruiser

I learned how to make really sharp points with this quilt: cut the triangles larger than specified, then trim down after sewing.  Really simple idea, right?  The small amount of fabric waste is so worth it, because despite my best efforts, I do not have a consistent quarter-inch seam (as I proved with Swoon).  I’m still not fond of triangles, but at least I can sew really good ones now!

My cruiser is made up of scraps from previous quilts, plus fabric from Mom’s house dresses.  I really like the idea of having bits and pieces of her dresses in this and all future quilts; the therapist tells me what I’m doing is taking Mom with me.  That is a very comforting thought.

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