Knitted for the Fall: Nora’s Sweater

Nora's Sweater
Nora’s Sweater
Nora's Sweater, back view
Nora’s Sweater, back view

Pattern:  Nora’s Sweater, by Pam Powers, from Interweave Knits Winter 2009.

Yarn:  Beaverslide Yarn 100% worsted-weight  lambswool, in “coralbells.”  This yarn was recycled from the Winter Wonderland coat I knitted in 2010 but never wore.  And of course the Winter Wonderland coat was recycled from Sylvi, which I also never wore.  Good thing Beaverslide yarns are pretty sturdy!

Modifications:  I tried to minimize the number of seams, so I think what I did was I knitted the back cable panel first, then picked up stitches for the sideways construction of the sleeves.  I knitted the pleats together during cast off so that I would have just two layers to sew through when attaching the bottom part of the jacket to the top.  The front borders were knitted as part of the front pieces, and sewn to the bodice where the borders form the collar.

Thoughts:  The jacket was interesting to knit, but it is definitely not a universally flattering design.  The pleats are cool, but they add quite a bit of bulk.  This coat should be worn by someone tall and slim; I am short and lean, and this sweater just overwhelms my small frame.

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