Knitting for a Friend: Winter Wonderland Coat

Because she really wanted one, in pink:

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland, side view
Winter Wonderland, side view
Winter Wonderland, back view
Winter Wonderland, back view

Pattern:  Winter Wonderland Coat, from Inspired to Knit by Michele Rose Orne.

Yarn:  Cascade 220, in cotton candy pink!

Modifications:  I knitted this coat for myself a few years ago out of Beaverslide yarn, but never wore it.  It really is a coat for someone much taller, and fortunately for my friend, she is at least 8 inches taller, and slender to boot.  I more or less followed the directions last time around, but there were things I should have done differently — and I got to do them this time.  I knitted the skirt — fronts, back, button bands, and side godets — all in one piece.  The bodice was knitted in separate pieces so that I could have side seams to provide some support for the coat.  The shoulders were bound off together pretty tightly using three-needle bind-off, and the sleeves were knitted on with short-row shaping for caps.  It annoyed me before having to knit the collar separately, so this time I rewrote the directions to pick up stitches from the bound-off neckline.  As before, I did not do buttonholes, and used Norwegian clasps for closures.

Thoughts:  The Cascade yarn is lighter than the Beaverslide yarn, and I think it will hold its shape better for such a heavy coat.  I still don’t understand the separate godets — the inserts made the skirt bulge once sewn in, plus the seam line for reverse stockinette never looks good on the “public” side.  I am quite pleased with the elimination of most seams, though I can understand the need for stabilization.  We’ll see what happens when she has worn it a few times 🙂

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