Stardust to Stardust

For this perpetual student, Coursera has got to be the best invention ever.  So far, I have taken a philosophy course out of University of Edinburgh (land of Hume and haggis, what’s not to love?), exercise physiology from University of Melbourne, science of gastronomy from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Big Bang and Dark Energy from the University of Tokyo.  This last course, in particular, has fired my imagination.  In my less lucid moments I think I must have missed my calling as a particle physicist.  Or theoretical physicist.  Or what I really want to be, the Director of the Universe 🙂  I confess I never thought about the point of SLAC when I was at Stanford, and certainly when CERN went live, I still didn’t know what all the fuss was about.  Don’t we all want to know where we come from, and how it will all end?  I am fascinated by people who REALLY WANT TO KNOW what happened at the BIg Bang — not three minutes out, or one trillionth of a second out, or ten to the negative 26th second out, but the moment.  Stardust to  stardust . . . .

Up next, all about the angst of Kierkegaard from the University of Copenhagen, and something about city planning from University of Pennsylvania.  Massive Open Online Courses — who would have thought this twenty years ago?  I don’t participate in the forums or discussions, but there is something really cool about the idea of thousands of people all over the world participating in the same class, all — presumably — in search of human knowledge.  Now, if I could just get The Teenager to think of knowledge, rather than The Grade, as the goal!

Overheard at the Farmers’ Market, from a 4-year old girl:  “You can never have too much greens!”

CSA Share Week 18:  strawberries (2+ flats!), rhubarb, hakurei turnips, broccoli rabe, spinach, Swiss chard, onions, green onions, eggplant, tomatoes, eggs

Week 18 Recipes:  roasted turnips; strawberry rhubarb crisp; chard and green onion quiche (and who knew guinea pigs love chard stems!); curried lentil/barley/tomato stew; turnip greens with toasted garlic and bread crumbs; broccoli rabe in goat cheese sauce; eggplant in tomato basil sauce with rigatoni

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