The Drying Tree

About 5 years ago, a Danish family (the father was on a temporary job assignment in town) moved into the street behind our house.  Because they were European and thus much more aware than Americans of the concept of limited resources, one of the first things they did was put up a clothesline.  I admired them for their effort, but I of course did nothing in my own household.  A couple of weeks ago, perhaps more on a whim than an actual conscious desire to do good, I began to hang our clothes outside to dry.  Who knew the Marshall seedless ash would be absolutely perfect as a drying rack?  It provides shade so the clothes don’t get sun-bleached, and as a side benefit, I think the grackles have been staying away because of the flapping laundry!

DH sits on the Energy Board as a citizen volunteer — he is greatly concerned about the “big picture” problem of energy consumption.  If he were a historian, he would be a “big picture” narrative historian and ignore the whole trend of history from the bottom up.  The point is, he worries about how to get “people” to change their behavior and do the right thing for the environment, and thinks my efforts are minuscule.  Well, of course they are: how much impact am I making by saving one gallon of water a day because I keep a bucket for used dishwater that I later throw on various garden plants?  I have control only over my behavior, and that one gallon is one gallon; if I thought of that one gallon as a percentage, I would be paralyzed by the sheer scope of the problem, and that bucket would end up in the landfill.  And I would be back to throwing the laundry into the dryer, and thinking that after all, what did it all matter?

CSA Week 3:  spinach, arugula, broccoli rabe

Week 3 recipes:  broccoli rabe savory bread pudding; spinach fettuccine with arugula and tomatoes; vegetable biryani with spinach; truffled mac and cheese with spinach

CSA Week 4:  hakurei turnips, baby kale, strawberries, broccoli, garlic scapes

Week 4 recipes:  sauteed hakurei turnips and turnip greens with scapes and thyme, warm kale salad with kalamata olives, steamed broccoli

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