A Month of Halves

Half marathon on 4/20, half marathon on 5/5, half century (on our mid-life crisis da Vinci “Grand Junction” tandem) on 5/19:gjr1mIf we keep this up we may begin to think we are a fit couple 🙂

We drove down to Santa Fe this past week to take part in the Santa Fe Century, but we knew we wouldn’t be able to do the full 100 miles because we just have not had good riding weather through April and May for adequate training.  Santa Fe was doing its usual windy May thing, so we got going around 6 AM to avoid to worst of the wind later in the day.  Sure enough, every hour we were on the road the wind got worse . . . .  and worse . . . .

The first 10 miles or so were downhill, unfortunately it was also along Cerrillos Road, lined with fast food joints and motels.  The scenery improved after that, and became positively beautiful after we turned off Highway 14 onto the nicely paved Highway 42 (paved courtesy of the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act).  DH assured me that what I called uphill was in fact just gentle rollers.  Yes indeed.  The first food stop on the 50 mile loop was at Galisteo village, where a nice gentleman told us that we needed to turn back to Highway 41 in order to head back to Santa Fe.  A good thing to know, because had we gone the way we thought we were supposed to go, we would have ended up in Stanley and the 75 mile route — and I would have been one very unhappy stoker.  Galisteo to El Dorado was not fun: the road was narrow at first, and of course, it was uphill.  And uphill.  And after Lamy Hill, it was still uphill (DH had done the century route 7 years ago, but apparently forgotten about this gentle incline).  After which, we rode the last miles on I-25.  Nothing like being tired, riding into the wind dodging shoulder junk, with trucks roaring by at 70 miles an hour 😦

OTOH, we were done by 1030 AM, and boy was that breakfast at Zia Diner just the perfect post-ride meal!  20130524_143807Back home, the Poudre River is flowing!!

Conversation of the Day:

Me:  I like your soon-to-be AP English teacher!

The Teenager (looking very suspicious): Why?

Me: Now think about it.  Why would I like any of your teachers?

The Teenager:  Because they’re mean?

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