Are You Smarter than a High Schooler?

What does it mean when the school district not only allows a sports event to take place on a school day — in this case, part 1 of the Class 5A Front Range League conference track meet — but also sanctions it being run well into the night (The Teenager did not get home until 9:30 PM)?  And what does it mean when The Coach insists that all team members stay to the bitter end — presumably because Good Sportsmanship trumps academic demands?

Oh, wait a minute . . . .  this assumes the school district actually makes academic demands!

Silly of me to believe you cannot outrun ignorance.

How utterly futile of me to even write about this.  According to a National Assessment of Educational Progress report, only 32 percent of eighth graders could name an advantage Americans had over the British in the Revolutionary War, and just 22 percent of high school seniors knew that U.S. troops fought Chinese forces in the Korean War.

Obviously, whatever the question, whatever the issue, people prefer to belong to the majority!

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