Colorado Marathon 2013

It was because The Teenager’s godfather wanted to celebrate his 55th year by running the half marathon on May 5th, his birthday.  So DH, being a good friend, agreed to be his running buddy, even though he would be running a second half marathon 2 weeks after the first.  It was a good plan — until GF had to back out because he just could not get over his chest cold.  And being a good spouse, I decided I just had to keep DH company, even if all I did was slow him down.  DH, chugging along on the last mile (after I let him run ahead of me to the finish), is a sight to behold — rather like a large, sweaty teddy bear 🙂

Still, 13.1 is 3.1 too long for me.  I don’t care if 10 miles (or 10K) is a neither-here-nor-there sort of a distance; it is perfect for those of us who want to enjoy a run without actual physical discomfort.  Although finisher medals are kind of nice to have:IMG_24781.  It didn’t rain, or snow, or hail.  Heck, it wasn’t even windy!

2.  The travelling “cheerleaders”: four very enthusiastic girls who kept popping up every couple of miles to do miniature “waves.”

3.  Porta potties can be wonderful things, even when ripe.  Too bad we are now at the age when we need them on long runs 😦

4.  I don’t care if Lance Armstrong is in disgrace — I like those Stinger wafers.

5.  Very low-key security for our local marathon.  The Kenyans don’t come to this one either.

6.  The best race announcer, ever!!

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