Knitting in the Winter: Burberry-Inspired Cowl

This past summer I used beets to dye some superwash merino from the stash, and the resulting yarn then sat around for 6 months or so until a couple of days ago, when I finally did something with it: IMG_2444

Pattern:  Burberry Inspired Cowl, by Julianne Smith.

Yarn:  Unknown brand superwash merino in cream, beet-dyed.  Unfortunately, the ball of yarn sat on my desk in a room with southern exposure.  The shades were down most of the time, but it is nevertheless a very bright room . . . .  and the dye faded unevenly in the outermost parts of the ball.  I don’t mind too much, mainly because the beet dye was an experiment, knitting a cowl was also an experiment, and I was never that crazy about the feel of the superwash yarn anyway.  

Modifications:  I didn’t want such a wide cowl, so reduced the number of stitches to 46, with the cables reduced to 6 x 6 rather than 8 x 8.  I also did 5 repeats for a looser fit.

Thoughts:  Kitchener stitch is a royal pain; not hard, but just tedious.  The pattern itself is simple but effective, and a very quick knit.  The yarn I used, however, was perhaps too “stiff” for the concept.  I imagine cashmere or alpaca would give it just the right luxurious drape.

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