Feeling Virtuous

Sometime during this past summer I lost my quilting mojo  —  which was unfortunate because I left the quilt back I was working on taped to the floor.  5 months later, I had to admit that the quilt was not going to be finished anytime soon . . . .  during those 5 months, the masking tape had left a nice layer of residue on my beautiful hickory floor (note to self: use low residue painter’s tape next time).  DH, noticing that I looked like I was about to start crying, spent the next hour helping me lift off the tape and clean up the residue.  Ah, the wonders of Goo Gone!

Two days ago, I finally took out my trusty Singer and did some crafty sewing:

heating pad
My beloved heating pad, after years of faithful service, was leaking flax seeds from fabric weakness. I figured the seeds were still usable, so I decided to make a new heating pad.  I rehoused the seeds in the Rejuvenation bag, which came originally with a bunch of switch plates.  For the outer cover, I foundation pieced fabric scraps to a piece of muslin (recycled from kitchen curtains), and used some leftover flannel from the chemo quilt I made for a friend for the “warm and fuzzy” side of the cover.  Reuse, reuse, reuse:  I feel so very virtuous 🙂

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