Knitting for the Fall: Voluta


Pattern:  Voluta, by Rachel Erin, from Twist Collective.

Yarn:  Cottage Craft 2-ply worsted weight wool yarn, in “sandstone.”  The yarn is scratchy and  rustic with many bits of vegetation to pick out.  It is not a heavy yarn, however, and I think it worked quite well with the pattern.

Modifications:  I did in fact mess around with the length of the jacket because I am a short woman.  It took some doing, but I did manage to shorten the bottom border-to-waist as well as the waist-to-shoulder lengths while preserving the cables (pat myself on the back).

Thoughts:  I am a sucker for cables, especially of the unusual sorts.  Rachel Erin did a wonderful job with the design and construction of this jacket.  I even like the idea of 3/4 sleeves — it will show off some of my chunky silver cuffs.

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