The Junior Innkeeper

That would be me this past week, when our friend who runs a B & B in Estes Park went off to music camp.  Annoying things guests do:

1.  If you tell me you are going to show up around noon, you really should show up around noon.  4 PM is nowhere near “noon-ish.”

2.  “No Shoes” policy means exactly that — the sandals that you showed up in are in fact “outside” shoes, and no, you can’t wear them inside the B & B just because you “hate going around in bare feet.”

3.  You chose to come to Colorado, and I assumed you did some research ahead of time and followed the news . . . .  you know, the news that had to do with DROUGHT conditions?  But no, you insisted on having ALL your towels changed everyday you were here, because by golly, you paid good money to stay at the B & B, and you expected SERVICE.

4.  Yes, you paid for service . . . .  but I am not your servant.

5.  Oh, and did you forget that batteries don’t just get tossed in the trash?

All good reasons why I could never be a full-time innkeeper.

CSA Share Week 9: beets, green onions, onions, Romaine lettuce, squash, cucumber, zucchini, Swiss chard, baby carrots, eggs

Recipes: roasted beets and carrots sauteed with beet greens and green onions (surprisingly good given that it has beets in it); squash and zucchini baked ziti (surprisingly good given that it has zucchini in it); soy sauce stewed eggs with green onions; chard/scapes/green onions/beet greens quiche

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