Becoming Vegetarian: Greens

CSA Share Week 6:  kale, scapes, cilantro, Italian parsley, green onions, sugar snap peas, beets (gave away the beets, kept the greens), zucchini, butter lettuce, Hopi black beans, eggs

Recipes:  microwaved zucchini (The Teenager), black bean gumbo with greens (modified from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone ), basil-mint pesto sauce

Adventures in cooking — and eating — continues!  I have never had kale before, though I enjoy the way they look, with their ruffly leaves and lovely grey-green color.  Yesterday, I made gumbo with greens, another great recipe from Deborah Madison.  The woman is a goddess.   I substituted Hopi black beans for the kidney beans (because I am awash in Hopi black beans right now), used up the kale, beet greens, and some green onions and cilantro.  We had it over brown rice last night, and I had it with mashed potatoes for lunch today.  I am eating way too well these days 🙂  Actually, we are all eating really well these days, including Opie, who loves all the different varieties of lettuce we have been getting in our boxes.  But being the discriminating pig that she is, she does not believe in zucchini . . . .  or beets . . . .  or radishes . . . .

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