Becoming Vegetarian: Parsley and Beans

CSA Share Week 4: curly parsley (gave away), spinach, heirloom Mexican red beans, scapes, radishes, beets (gave away), butter lettuce, eggs

Recipes:  bean and spinach quiche (from Bean Banquets), braised red radishes (from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone), Louisiana red beans and rice (from Bean Banquets), spinach sauteed with scapes and roasted garlic

Opie, the CSA share pig

Unlike other pigs we have had, Opie was never that crazy about parsley, until we began feeding her Italian parsley from our CSA shares.  She has since decided that she also likes cilantro — all good, since we keep getting various species of parsley in our boxes, with no end in sight.

We also keep getting various heirloom beans in our shares: Mexican red beans, kidney beans, mayocoba beans; this week, I think it’s Mexican red beans again.  What to do with all the beans?  Yesterday we rode downtown, and happened upon the Old Town book fair.  Lots and lots of used books to dig through:

Just in time!  Breakfast this morning was Bean and Spinach Quiche, made with Mexican red beans instead of generic “drained white beans,” and it was delicious.  One of the things I am really enjoying about our CSA shares is that every week, I am challenged to find new recipes and try new vegetables.  This week my challenge is radishes.  Radishes are like beets in my book: I don’t like the taste, texture, or smell.  But, Deborah Madison has a simple recipe for braised radishes, and she has not failed me yet!

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