The Squatters

This bird showed up while I was in Santa Fe:

And built this on the front porch:

And she of course has a fit whenever anyone uses the front door!

We have not had a bird family on the front porch in about ten years, since the spring-summer when we had two successive swallow families occupy the same nest.  We named the parents Vickie and Bert (after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert), and Anne and George (after Queen Anne and Prince George).  The first brood didn’t do so well, but all the babies from the second made it out of the nest, which made The Tot happy.  After the swallows left, DH decided they made too much of a mess, so he actively discouraged any more bird families from squatting on the pillar.  He must have become too complacent: this rather messy nest went up during the four days I was gone, and despite all the mud pieces on the porch, DH never noticed.

Oh yes, the grape hyacinths also exploded while I was away 🙂

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