Becoming a Collector: Santa Fe, 2012

First, there was the “tour of Santa Fe hotels,” courtesy of Sandia Shuttle Xpress (which, by the way, has for its representative at Albuquerque airport one of the rudest desk minders I have ever encountered).  We were ten passengers with eight stops, and I got to see all sorts of hotels I had heard of but did not know the locations, and also got to wonder why the people getting off at the Hilton couldn’t get off at Water and Sandoval (the default location for non-hotel drop-offs), and walk across the street to the hotel.  But then that would be highly inconvenient, wouldn’t it, even in the age of rollie bags!

Then it began to rain.  Imagine, the land of little water, and it rained!  Thrilling, in a way, but somewhat discouraging at the start of a vacation.  I trudged up E. Palace Avenue with my brand new rollie bag — the smallest I could find that would fit not just under the middle seat, but also under the aisle seat — bumping along beside me.  A young woman came towards me, dressed in jeans and a parka with a fur-rimmed hood.  April in Santa Fe, I thought, and I am in a skort and a light weight, long-sleeved running shirt layered over a tank top.  On the whole, I may have been the one more inappropriately dressed, at least for the next half an hour or so.

At Deborah Gold Gallery I saw this:

. . . .  and I bought it.  I had been in Santa Fe less than three hours.

Six years ago we bought our very first painting, by any artist, from Deborah Gold — an impressionist oil of a vibrant Santa Fe sunset, all reds and purples.  Loved it then, love it now.  Since then, we visit her gallery whenever we’re in town, but have not had a gut “gotta have” moment since then . . . .  until last Thursday afternoon.  She has branched out into monotypes, and the spontaneity and energy required for her new process is obvious in these works.  The monotype I bought is not actually a monotype, in the sense that what I fell in love with was actually the second, “ghost” print.  If you buy one work, it’s one work; buy two works, it becomes a collection.  We are, officially, Deborah Gold collectors now.

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