Miss Read

For a few years now I have been reducing my book collection.  It has been a very slow process, but every now and then I have a frenzy of clearance, usually associated with the need to make room for more yarn.  What I have not even considered touching:

I love my collection of Miss Read books.  I discovered her during a month-long break I took from residency, when my brain was literally falling apart.  I moved into the spare bedroom, and basically slept, ate, and read in bed for four weeks.  I read all the Miss Read books I could find in our library, then went online and discovered the world of ABE, and started collecting first editions — as though a first printing of a first edition was somehow different from everything subsequent.  Miss Read was quiet and comforting, and offered a world that somehow always ended up where it needed to be.  And when I was done with my month, the headache to end all headaches was also gone.  RIP, Miss Read.

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