Spring Clean Up

Until three years ago, I did not pay much attention to our landscaping.  It was enough that when we bought the house, we hired Mother Earth LLC to install xeriscaping front and back.  Silly us, we thought that would be the end of it — perennials, drought-tolerant grass, native plants.  It was supposed to last forever . . . .  Who knew that the “dwarf” mugo pines would grow into 6-foot tall monsters, or that the sumac would creep under the rocks and reappear on our neighbors’ lawns, or the pinyon pine would attract wasps by the hundreds, or the red twig dogwoods and spireas would send out shoots and multiply on the other side of the fence?

Three years ago, we hired another landscaping firm to take out everything Mother Earth had planted.  We now have a front lawn with non-tufty non-fescue grass, the Teenager got a planting bed to grow vegetables for the guinea pig, and miracles of miracles, the wasps mostly disappeared.  Life was good.  But then, there was the backyard . . . .

We hired yet another landscaping firm, and got rid of more dogwoods and mugo pines, and this year, all the various shrubs got major haircuts.  Unfortunately, that still leaves the horrendously ugly tufty dwarf tall fescue/bluegrass/? lawn, bare patches, bunny holes, ant hills and all.  I keep trying, though, because three years ago I also discovered that yard clean up is a lot like cleaning the bathroom: it is one of the most therapeutic activities around.   For the last three springs, my pet project has been the restoration of the original delineation between lawn and rocks.  Today, after an hour of digging and pulling out grass, I found the rest of the original perimeter:

To fully appreciate this accomplishment, one must realize that this bit of edging (about 3 feet worth)  has not been seen in probably 15 years or so.  So yes, time for that glass of Jura single malt, and Happy Spring to me!

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