Friday Crabbiness

1.  Snow Day

One inch of snow on the ground, and the school district declares a snow day.  “Yeah!” yells the Teenager from bed (5:30 in the morning).  Be careful what you wish for . . . .  at 7 AM,  Teenager’s Godmother calls: because the school district declared a snow day, various daycare centers in town also declared a snow day.  Yup, Teenager is now babysitting her honorary little sister 🙂

2.  Buttons!

OK, this one is self-inflicted, because just like a banana, I have no backbone.  Across-the-street Neighbor uses me as her private seamstress:  “Can you fix this zipper?  This seam?  These sequins?”  And yesterday, four buttons on three garments.  I was saved from the fifth button on a fourth garment because she couldn’t find the missing button.  I was as crabby about all these buttons as I was back in the days of residency and scut work.  At least back then I got paid.

3.  “Packing for 9 days is pretty difficult.” 

Found while patrolling through the Teenager’s Facebook page.  I guess she couldn’t possibly wear anything twice (gasp!), let alone three times (dead faint).  Clearly this is not someone with whom I could ever travel.  I will admit I am thinking of replacing my usual one piece of luggage (a REI book bag) with a similar-sized rolling bag that fits under airline seats — I’m getting old and decrepit, and the shoulders just can’t stand the wear-and-tear anymore.  Anyway, I was trolling through, and a reviewer remarked that the cabin bag was just the perfect size for cosmetics and toiletries.  She obviously belongs to the by-gone era when ladies carried train cases, and porters took care of the rest.   The world needs more ruthless packers.

4.  The Neighbors

Every street has them: the one house where the owners NEVER shovel the snow — not off the driveway, the walkway, and definitely NOT the sidewalk.  They have been here a year and half now, and they have never cleared the snow, whether an inch or a foot.  I’m not sure they even own a shovel.  So . . .  bless their hearts, but they’re from Iowa. 

5.  Blizzard?  What blizzard?

It’s just not crappy enough outside to bother spending the day in bed.  How sad is that?