The Tula Quilt

A few months ago, I saw pictures of the no-longer-in-production “Neptune” fabric line by Tula Pink — fell in love, got on-line, and spent waaay too much money on a bunch of fat quarters . . . .  A few weeks after that, I saw pictures of the new “Prince Charming” line, fell in love again, bought more fat quarters . . . .  There is a lesson here, I know.

It’s quilt #5, and the first time I have worked with triangles; on the whole, I am pleased with the experiment.  I could have/should have planned out the piecing ahead of time to avoid the fairly obvious patches and uneven color progression, but that would have required, well, too much planning . . . . 🙂  I had piles and piles of triangles left over, so I made a panel from the scraps for the back of the quilt to break up the monotony of the cream fabric.

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