Knitting for the Winter: Bedford, Klimova, Levenwick

Pattern: Bedford, by Michele Wang; published in BT Fall 11, from Brooklyn Tweed.

Yarn: Woolen-spun, 2-ply sport weight Cormo wool from Elsa Wool Company, in undyed dark grey.  The 100% cormo is soft and itch-free for next-to-skin wear.

Modifications:  None, except for using lighter-weight wool.  I even kept the reverse stockinette for the sleeves, even though I generally dislike the look of it.  In retrospect, I should have knitted my usual size, but I thought since I was using sport weight instead of worsted weight wool, I needed to go up.  I used the directions for size 39, and after blocking, the bust measurement was … 39 inches.  Sigh.  I love the sweater, but it is a bit floppy on me.

Thoughts:  The stitch pattern results in a bias fabric which did not entirely block out.  I liked the simplicity of the pattern; it made for mindless knitting, but sometimes that is exactly what is needed.

Pattern:  Klimova, by Alison Green Will; from Twist Collective Winter 2010

Yarn:  Worsted weight merino wool from mmmm!Malabrigo, in “emerald blue.”

Modifications:  Made the usual adjustments for length, so ended up with less cable repeats.

Thoughts: I am not entirely happy with the unshaped funnel neck, but aside from that, it is a beautiful sweater.


Pattern: Levenwick, by Gudrun Johnston; in Wool People Vol. 1 Look Book, from Brooklyn Tweed

Yarn:  A worsted weight merino/silk yarn from Lambspun of Colorado, in sage.  It has bits of glitter spun in, but since I have recycled this yarn a few times, most of the glittery bits are gone.  

Modifications:  The fronts overlap  left-over-right instead of right-over-left, and I left off the bottom buttons because I thought the cardigan looked better without them.  I think I reduced the number of stitches in the left front because as written, with the buttons sewn on the button band, the front measurement would have been too generous.  No pocket, because it seemed a fussy addition.

Thoughts:  Not sure what went wrong, but the collar does not “stand up” correctly.  The button band should have been wider — it is rather flimsy as written.  I love the dyed purple wood buttons I found at Lambspun!

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