Faith Based …

In the mail yesterday:

I don’t know what “Faith Based Internal Medicine Practice” is; DH thought it was something to do with faith healing …

Which brings me to something the Kid mentioned a few weeks ago after coming home from babysitting: “All their books are Christian-themed!”  I suppose that was something quite different from her daily experience; we have books — lots and lots of books — but none could really be considered Christian-themed in the sense that is commonly used today (although I do own several volumes of early Christian studies).  I must admit I don’t quite understand the need to have “Christian-themed” books, or perhaps it is just that the few books I have dipped into that were labeled as such were rather poorly written.  It seems superfluous, somehow — but then, I suppose people just need to be smacked on the head.  Someday, I hope the Kid understands that there is a world of difference between religion and faith.

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