Violet Confusion

No, really, I like hand dyed yarn from small producers.  But there is hand dyed “with natural variations,” and there is this:

Farmhouse Yarns single ply worsted merino, in violet

The yarn is a single ply worsted merino from Farmhouse Yarns, by Carol Martin of Hopyard Spinnery. I bought 10 skeins of “violet” — but  what I got was 6 skeins of violet, two skeins of lavender, and 2 skeins of navy.  Really.  The disclaimer on the Farmhouse website goes lik this:

Farmhouse Yarns™ are hand-dyed, and by nature, each skein is unique and beautiful.  We don’t use dye lots, and no two skeins are exactly alike.  Variegations and color saturation in each skein  depends on its location in the dye pot.  Typically, skeins at the bottom of the pot are deep and rich in color, and skeins at the top of the pot have more subtle, somewhat less saturated and more muted shades of color.  For an even distribution of color throughout your knitting a project, we suggest alternating skeins every few rows.  Our yarns provide an exciting chance to play with color to great effect, when a project is well planned out.

I don’t require my hand dyed yarn to be “exactly alike”; I understand that each pot will produce yarn with some variation, because it is the nature of the process — but what I got goes beyond “variation.”  I can alternate skeins all I want — I am not going to get an “even distribution of color” from the yarn I received.   Shame on Hopyard Spinnery and Farmhouse Yarns for calling these completely different colored yarn violet, and shame on Flying Fingers Yarn Shop (of scenic Tarrytown, NY) for packaging  and selling these skeins as one “lot” of violet.   What would it have cost them to email me to tell me that of the 10 skeins, only 6 could legitimately be considered violet?

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