Kitchen Remodel: Weeks 1-2

“No Style” is apparently a house style, according to our state historical society’s  lexicon of allowable architectural styles.  For the last ten years or so, we have been remodeling bits and pieces of our late 20th-century No Style dwelling, with the bulk of the work during the last 5 years.  The latest project, the kitchen, began January 3rd, and has been progressing remarkably well for the last two weeks:

1/03/2011: Before

Soffits gone!  Fluorescent light fixture on the way out, with holes for the new can lights!


I’ve always wanted a hood that vent to the outside — apparently this was the easiest part of the remodel, according to The Contractor.  Much easier than fixing the somewhat bizarre wiring scheme done by the original crew: instead of drilling a hole to run the wires, they used an extra 9 feet of wires to drape up and over a joist, and for some reason, half of the formal dining room is on the same circuit as the refrigerator.


Half of the new maple cabinets (by Custom Wood Products).

The most important lesson: Find a contractor you like, and don’t let him move back to Oklahoma 🙂

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