Santa Fe, May 2010

Alto Street Angel

Angel Josefina, across the street from the adobe casita we rented in the Guadalupe district in Santa Fe, where a 700 square foot condo farther down the street was listed at $275K.  I don’t know the purpose of Angel Josefina, but blessings would have been useful as I 10-point turned my car into the casita’s parking space.  But to my delight, we discovered — after banging into the side posts coming and going — that my side mirrors bend both ways!

Alto Street Mural

Santa Fe for Knitters

But it would be a pretty sadistic knitter who would impale a ball of yarn with that many needles . . . .

"Southwind," Gene and Rebecca Tobey, Ventana Fine Art

$30,000 — and I don’t suppose that includes the shipping.

"Walks Among the Stars," Dave McGary, Meyer Gallery

Follow the Red Brick Road ...

. . . . to the Tarabino Inn in Trinidad, Colorado.  The building is also brick, but has been painted pink.  Not an obnoxious pink, mind you, but definitely pink.  The owners have lovingly restored this historic home, and it is not remotely frou-frou.  It’s a house I can imagine living in, creaking floors and all.  Aside from the house itself, the bed and breakfast experience was unimpressive.  The innkeeper could best be described as brisk (perhaps even abrupt), and the breakfast workman-like; it was one of the most impersonal bed and breakfast stays I have ever had.

Trinidad bricks

Tarabino Inn


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