The Ex-neighbor

Mid-life crisis: Honda S2000
Mid-life crisis: Honda S2000

He came by today to help his daughter move into her college dorm, and left his mid-life crisis car in front of the house where he used to live.  Do they come in any other color?  Not a Ferrari — he is not a chiropractor, after all — but it IS red.

He had been our neighbor for over a decade — then he left four years ago after having an affair with a woman half his age.  Along the way he divorced the woman he had been with for 25 years, married the girlfriend, acquired a big he-man truck, and then bought this toy.  I saw him across the street and did not recognize him, this man with the  paunch and close-cropped grey hair.  With the brutal candor of a twelve-year old, The Kid says, “He’s FAT!”  Perhaps he should not have been wearing a sleeveless shirt.

DH thinks a better mid-life crisis vehicle would be this:

Cervelo P4
Cervelo P4

Not red, and a lot cheaper.

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