Ogee Tunic

Ogee Tunic turned into dress: modified from Ogee Tunic, pattern by Norah Gaughan

Ogee Tunic turned into dress: modified from Ogee Tunic, pattern by Norah Gaughan

Yet another knitting post!

Norah Gaughan must be one of the original knitting geeks; her designs are inspired, and inspiring.  A few years ago she produced Knitting Nature, which drew on her background in biology (evolution and ecology emphasis).  The Ogee Tunic is her take on the concept of fractals in nature.

Yarn: Another hoarded yarn from Lambspun of Colorado, this time a merino/silk worsted weight blend, in the color “barn red.”

Gauge: It is what it is …

Size: Improvised.

Modifications: I used a heavier weight yarn because I wanted to “blow up” the ogee motif.  Now, Norah Gaughan called her original a tunic, but I think it was too short to be a proper tunic.  My version evolved (this is knit-speak for knitting-on -the-fly) into a long tunic/dress as I went along — I was imagining a knitted version of the  beautiful  salwar kameez DH bought for me in India.  I casted on many stitches for the skirt, then did a bunch of shaping so the skirt would drape better, added the open-work part of the ogee pattern to the back, and used a Norwegian clasp for neck closure.

And in the end: Perhaps a little large, but I comfort myself with the thought that a kameez can be roomy and flowy.


Knitting: Wisteria, pattern by Kate Gilbert

Knitting: Wisteria, pattern by Kate Gilbert

Wow, a real knitting post.

The Wisteria sweater, by the gifted Kate Gilbert, published in the terrific on-line knitting magazine Twist Collective.

Yarn:  From my small hoard, a beautiful dk-sport weight  Lambspun of Colorado yarn, the store’s own Alpine Exotics line, a merino/alpaca/silk/cashmere blend in the color “blue spruce.”

Gauge: Why take the adventure out of knitting?

Size: Not sure, but it looks about right …

Modifications: Aside from yarn weight, also shortened sleeves, and did more dramatic hip-waist-bust shaping.  I knitted sleeves and non-patterned portions of body on straights …  Did I mention I really hate knitting in the round?

And in the end: a lovely, light-weight, warm sweater, just in time for summer.  Sigh.